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How do you prepare for changes that could affect your life?

This is a question we're faced with on a daily basis. Do you have an answer?

Welcome to Epiphany Insurance


At Epiphany Insurance, we can help you make an informed decision by equipping you with information that can help you keep on living the life you love and cherish.

Our agents are equipped with education and knowledge that can help you figure out your insurance needs and how it will fit into your budget.

We represent some of the top rated carriers and have policies for everyone.

Some policies have payments as low as $10.00 a month* for $10,000 coverage with no waiting period. (*Certain restrictions may apply)


Types of policies we offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance on and off the Marketplace
  • Final Expenses
  • Dental and Vision
  • Accident
  • Disability
  • Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplements


You can have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your family's financial security by providing them with coverage against unexpected situations.


As there are so many different products, it helps to have an agent that knows what they're talking about. We will try to answer any and all questions you have may about our different insurance products.


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